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Learn More About the Tropical House Cricket


Top Hat Cricket Farm grows and sells Gryllodes sigillatus, commonly known as the tropical house cricket. Typically 13 to 18mm long and a brownish-yellow color, this species takes two to three months to mature from egg to adult. As their name implies, the tropical house cricket hails from tropical regions, especially Asia, though interest from reptile owners has brought it closer to home where it is now grown by Top Hat Cricket for both local and national buyers. Tropical house crickets are particularly well-suited as a reptile feeder cricket for a number of reasons, which we’d like to look at today.

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Bearded Dragon Diet Tips, Tricks and Rules

Bearded Dragon

When properly adhered to, a bearded dragon’s diet can have a number of beneficial effects on their life. A proper diet can increase their lifespan, enhance the richness of their coloring and stabilize their mood. Finding the right diet for your dragon, however, can be a difficult task for the uninitiated. In this entry, we’re going to look at a few dietary recommendations that will keep your bearded dragon happy, healthy and active.

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How to Care for Your Gryllodes sigillatus Crickets (Banded Crickets)


To get the most out of your investment in live crickets, you’ll need to make sure to give them the same attention and care that you give to the pet you’ll be feeding them to. Because, after all, the healthier your live crickets are, the more nutritious they will be for your pet. Plus, the better you care for them, the longer they will last and the more you’ll get from the money you spent on them.

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