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Mealworms Are a Great Source of Nutrients for Your Reptile

Bulk Crickets and Worms

Mealworms, a beetle larva, are extremely high in protein and a great food staple for your pet lizard. Mealworms begin as eggs that hatch into very small worms. These little worms eat non-stop until they get too big for their exoskeletons, which are shed. For a few days the mealworm is "naked" and creamy white – waiting for its new exoskeleton. This process can happen up to twenty times as the mealworm is growing! Once the worm grows to just under an inch it will go into the pupal phase waiting to become a beetle.

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Health Nuts are Turning to Crickets for a Nutritional Boost to Their Diet

Eating Crickets

Sometimes Americans can be behind the curve when it comes to unconventional dietary ideas. All over the world people have been eating crickets in a variety of preparations for many years. More recently Americans, especially those who are particularly health conscious, like athletes and body builders have been eating crickets more and more. Now, you do not need to be an athlete or bodybuilder to benefit from eating crickets – everyone can benefit from incorporating crickets into their diet. In this post, we will look at what makes eating crickets an attractive idea.

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Feeding Live Crickets to Your Reptile: A Guide

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Reptiles are extremely unique pets. It's important to do research into the best ways to make sure your new pet is happy and healthy. A major responsibility of any reptile owner is making sure they are fed properly and receiving the nutrition they need to not only survive, but thrive.

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Five Reasons You Should Choose Top Hat Cricket Farm for Your Feeder Crickets

Bulk Cricket Supplier

In a previous post, we talked about why buying crickets online has many advantages compared to buying them in store. So, what sets Top Hat Cricket Farm apart from our competitors? Well, we ship yearlong, we have a wide range of quantities, we have crickets that are resistant to the AdDNV virus, and so much more. In this post, we’ll go into a little bit of detail about what makes us the best bulk cricket supplier out there. 

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Bearded Dragon Diet: What You Need to Know

Bulk Frozen Crickets

A bearded dragon’s diet is very important to their overall livelihood. A proper diet will help to stabilize their mood, enhance their coloring, and even increase their lifespan. Choosing the right diet for your bearded dragon isn’t always easy, especially for those who are new to the species. In this post we will look at some dietary recommendations for your bearded dragon. 

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Two Easy and Delicious Cricket Recipes

Cricket Salad

Human consumption of crickets is increasing around the world, and for good reason. Crickets are extremely nutritious and have been found to be beneficial to your health for many reasons. Crickets are low calorie and packed with protein, omega-3, dietary fiber, calcium, and iron. We can understand that some people reluctance to eating insects, but as long as they're purchased from a reputable source, it's no different than eating any other animal. In this post we will look at two delicious recipes that use crickets to their advantage.

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What You Should be Feeding Your Blue Tongue Skink

Blue Tongue Skink

Blue tongue skinks are a great option for anyone wanting a reptile as a pet. They are extremely social and even love being held and petted. It's important to note that if you want more than one, they need to be females if housed together. They are omnivorous with 60% of their diet being plant matter. In this post we'll talk about the blue tongue skink's eating habits and how best to feed them.

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Four Reasons You Should Buy Your Crickets Online Instead of at the Pet Store

Buy Crickets Online

More and more of our shopping is done online. Why worry about gassing up the car when you can sit barefoot in your home and click a few buttons instead? There are many reasons why online shopping in general is great, but in this post we will explore four reasons why buying your crickets online from Top Hat Cricket Farm is a much better alternative to buying them at the pet store.

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Five Cricket Care Tips to Keep Your Crickets (and Pet!) Happy

Feeder Crickets

Taking care of your pet reptile or amphibian also means taking proper care of your crickets. Maintaining a constant, healthy supply of crickets for your pet will ensure that they are getting the nutrients that they need to live a long and happy life. AdDNV, one of the biggest concerns in cricket care, should be one of your primary concerns when caring for your crickets. Thankfully, by ordering from Top Hat Cricket you've already addressed this issue, as we sell Gryllodes sigillatus, a species of cricket that is highly resistant to the virus. But, what else can you do to ensure that your reptile's food source is safe and healthy?

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What is Cricket Flour and How Can it Be Used?

Cricket Flour

Cricket flour is produced by milling whole crickets to create a fine powder, as a result, it offers a range of nutritional benefits, as it is high in nutrients, amino acids and protein. Most commonly used for baking, cricket flour can be mixed with other gluten-free flours to create delicious, highly flavorful baked goods. Top Hat Cricket Farm, now offering bulk frozen crickets, is excited to share several dishes – including a few non-baked goods – that are sure to whet your appetite.

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