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Feeder Crickets Lead the Future of Food

Feeder Crickets

With all the worry about the environment and emissions from farm animals reaching all-time highs, feeder crickets are the solution that could stabilize the environment. Feeder crickets from Top Hat Cricket Farm are easy to handle and practically take care of themselves, which makes farming and care a breeze compared to traditional farm animals. If you need quality feeder crickets that provide you the nutritional benefits that other sources normally would, then Top Hat Cricket farm has what you need.

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Go Big or Go Home with Bulk Live Cricket Delivery

Live Cricket Delivery

If you know that you are going to need crickets on a regular basis and would rather not deal with the hassle of ordering them every other week, then buying wholesale on your live cricket delivery is the right choice for you. With the quality live crickets offered by Top Hat Cricket Farms, you will find no better in the business for your live cricket wholesale orders.

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High-Quality Live Crickets and Live Cricket Delivery from Top Hat Cricket Farm

live cricket delivery

If you have not had enough time in your busy schedule to shop for crickets, then the live cricket delivery service from Top Hat Cricket Farm is perfect for you. Are you having a hard time trying to find high-quality crickets? Look no further! At our facility, we ensure the crickets and worms are delivered alive and healthy, as well as packaged carefully to the correct amount of worms and crickets with our live cricket delivery.

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Give Your Bird Variety with More Than Feeder Crickets

feeder crickets

If you have a pet bird that you have been giving our feeder crickets to, then we are more than happy to offer even more options for your avian friend to snack on. Although we at Top Hat Cricket Farm specialize with live, frozen, and bulk crickets, they aren’t the only thing that we have available. Next time you stop in or order online, give your bird a special snack with our different worms.

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Choose the Right Live Cricket with the Tropical House Cricket

Live Crickets

When you stop in at Top Hat Cricket Farm or order online to get yourself live crickets, you will see that we sell one specific type: the Gryllodes sigillatus. Also known as the tropical house cricket, the Gryllodes sigillatus is the best cricket on the market for you to purchase. Native most likely to the southwestern regions of Asia, the tropical house cricket is now widely accepted as the best live cricket for feeding amphibians and reptiles in your home.

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Keep Your Frog Happy with Live Crickets

Live Crickets

If you have recently purchased an amphibian friend, you will need to start figuring out what to feed him, and live crickets are an excellent and easy choice. Frogs are typically happy to eat any live insect that is near them, and, at Top Hat Cricket Farm, we have all the live crickets your new pet could ever want. Our crickets are a healthy, long-lasting food source for your friends, so whether they want a meal now or a snack later, our crickets will keep going strong until your pet is ready.

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Keeping Your Crickets from Top Hat Cricket Farm Alive and Healthy Under Your Care

Buy Feeder Crickets Online

At Top Hat Cricket Farm, we carry the banded cricket also known as the Gyllodes sigillatus. While we guarantee that the feeder crickets you buy online will be alive and healthy when they reach you, the best way to get your money’s worth is to ensure your crickets live as long as possible and are as nutritious as possible for your pet. In this post, we will go over how you should take care of your feeder crickets in order to keep them nutritious and alive as long as possible.

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Top Hat Cricket Farm’s Live Cricket Delivery Information

Live Cricket Delivery

Live delivery guarantee

It is our mission to deliver crickets to your home or business that are not only alive, but also healthy. In the rare case you receive crickets that are dead or unhealthy, contact us. Depending on the circumstance, you could either receive a credit on your account for a future order or even reshipment free of charge. Please report any problems within 48 hours of receiving your crickets. 

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Crickets Are More Nutritious Than You May Think

Buy Crickets Online

It may surprise you to know that crickets have been a dietary staple in many countries for a long time. What may surprise you even more is that Americans, particularly those who are health conscious, have begun incorporating crickets into their diets. Moreso than the average Joe, body builders and other athletes have been turning to crickets for a low fat, high protein substitute for meats and fish. However, one does not need to be a bodybuilder or athlete to enjoy the health benefits crickets have to offer. 

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Choose Top Hat Cricket Farm for High Quality Live Crickets

online cricket store

We have talked on our blog about the many advantages to buying crickets online as opposed to in a pet store. Now let’s talk about why you should not only buy online, but why you should also choose Top Hat Cricket Farm. At Top Hat Cricket Farm, we have a wide variety of orderable quantities, our crickets are resistant to the deadly AdDNV virus, AND we ship our live crickets to our customers throughout the entire year. In this post, we will outline five of the reasons you should choose Top Hat Cricket Farm for all of your live cricket needs. 

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