Learn More About the Tropical House Cricket


Top Hat Cricket Farm grows and sells Gryllodes sigillatus, commonly known as the tropical house cricket. Typically 13 to 18mm long and a brownish-yellow color, this species takes two to three months to mature from egg to adult. As their name implies, the tropical house cricket hails from tropical regions, especially Asia, though interest from reptile owners has brought it closer to home where it is now grown by Top Hat Cricket for both local and national buyers. Tropical house crickets are particularly well-suited as a reptile feeder cricket for a number of reasons, which we’d like to look at today.

Easily digested

Because they have less chitin, all sizes of the tropical house cricket are easily digestible and, therefore, safer for your beloved pet reptile. Regardless of the size or age of your pet, a suitably sized feeder cricket can be found for it.

Resistant to AdDNV

Acheta domestica Densovirus, or AdDNV, is a virus that causes paralysis. Highly dangerous, the virus kills nearly every cricket that becomes infected with it. As tropical house crickets are resistant to AdDNV, you can rest easy knowing that your crickets – and your scaly friends – are healthy and secure.

Longer lifespan

Tropical house crickets enjoy a much longer lifespan than other feeder crickets. As a result, you’re able to order more and have more on hand to ensure that your reptile friends never go hungry.

Less odor

Anyone who has stored feeder crickets knows that, over time, they develop a certain… aroma. One of the major benefits of using tropical house crickets to feed your reptile is that their odor is far less pungent and not as distinct as other, alternative options.

At Top Hat Cricket Farms, we put a lot of thought into finding the best possible crickets to grow and sell. After a lot of research, we decided on the tropical house cricket because it offers an overwhelming number of benefits. If you’ve been looking for a new reptile food or you’re unhappy with the crickets that you’re currently feeding your reptiles, give the tropical house cricket a shot, we promise that you won’t be disappointed!

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