Feeding Live Crickets to Your Reptile: A Guide

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Reptiles are extremely unique pets. It’s important to do research into the best ways to make sure your new pet is happy and healthy. A major responsibility of any reptile owner is making sure they are fed properly and receiving the nutrition they need to not only survive, but thrive.

1. Buy the crickets

Of course you need to order crickets from our online store. Keep in mind that the size of the crickets is very important. Smaller reptiles can actually be injured by crickets that are too large or choose not to eat them at all.

2. Dust the crickets

Dusting the crickets in calcium powder is a great way to provide your reptile with the best nutrition. Calcium powder reduces the chances of your reptile getting ill or injured. All you have to do is put some of the powder in a plastic container with the crickets you’re going to feed your pet and gently shake the container until the crickets are coated with a layer of dust.

3. Introduce the crickets

After awhile you’ll have an understanding of your reptile’s eating habits, but at first, it takes some observation to see how many crickets your pet will eat. Add only a few at a time and make sure your reptile eats them all before adding more. Feeding time should not last longer than 30 minutes.

4. Remove any uneaten crickets

Crickets are omnivorous and will try to bite and eat your reptile if you leave them in the habitat for too long. Crickets will also create needless waste in the enclosure.

 5. Keep the habitat the proper temperature

The warmth of your reptile’s habitat affects its metabolic rate. A warmer environment will increase your pet’s activity level, which in turn allows them to ‘hunt’ and eat healthy amounts of food.

At Top Hat Cricket Farm, we have been in the cricket business for over 60 years. We sell crickets to be used in many different applications, but reptile owners are some of our favorite customers. We do everything we can to make sure our crickets are nutritious and healthy. After all, your reptiles are what they eat!

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