Order Crickets Online for a Nutritious Snack Alternative

Order Crickets Online

Not only can pets enjoy the nutrition offered when you order crickets online, but you can make a healthy alternative to your daily eating routine. Top Hat Cricket Farms grows and delivers the best quality live crickets that you can make into a small meal and boost the nutrients you acquire daily. Especially great for those looking for a snack high in nutrients but low in carbs and calories, Top Hat Cricket Farms has the crickets you need.

Compare and contrast

Crickets might be a scary concept to some as an alternative to other protein options, but when comparing it to other options, you can see why live crickets are a great alternative. With 100 grams of crickets, you only get 121 calories and 5.5 grams of fat, while at the same time taking in 12.9 grams of protein. Compared to the same amount of beef that contains 23.5 grams of protein (twice the amount), it also gives you a whopping 288.2 calories and 21.2 grams of fat! Even when getting “lean” meats, they don’t quite compare to the low carb and fat content of crickets.

A familiar taste

Despite what taste you might think an insect has, they tend to be better in reality. Dry-roasted crickets have been said to have a nutty-type quality in taste, like seeds. With a familiar taste to keep in mind, eating crickets is made easier.

Top Hat guarantee

Top Hat Cricket Farms provides quality crickets that you can always depend on, with consistency being a guarantee. The best part is, almost like a snack box service, our live crickets can be delivered to you! Whenever you need to order crickets online, wherever you them, we can get them to you.

With a long history of delivering quality live crickets to you, Top Hat Cricket Farms can give you the new alternative to high protein, low-carb and low-fat snacks. Contact us today to get started with your order!

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