Choose Top Hat Cricket Farm for High Quality Live Crickets

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We have talked on our blog about the many advantages to buying crickets online as opposed to in a pet store. Now let’s talk about why you should not only buy online, but why you should also choose Top Hat Cricket Farm. At Top Hat Cricket Farm, we have a wide variety of orderable quantities, our crickets are resistant to the deadly AdDNV virus, AND we ship our live crickets to our customers throughout the entire year. In this post, we will outline five of the reasons you should choose Top Hat Cricket Farm for all of your live cricket needs.

Customer service is a priority

A lot of companies say it, but we truly do value our customers. It is more than just a business transaction. We work with you to figure out the right crickets or worms for your pets and are always available to answer any questions you may have.

We ship all throughout the year

There are some cricket farms that shut down in the winter – not us. We ship throughout the entire year and always include our live cricket guarantee.

Flexibility in order size

We know our customers have various needs and purposes for their crickets, so we make sure to offer quantities as low as 250 and custom bulk orders of any quantity.

AdDNV resistant cricket species

This one is super important. Our Gryllodes sigillatus crickets are resistant to this deadly virus. They are also nutritious, hearty, and easily digestible.

Competitive pricing

We don’t want you to have to break the bank to have healthy, quality crickets delivered to your home.

At Top Hat Cricket Farm, we are confident we are the online cricket store of choice for all of your live cricket needs.

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