Caring for the Live Crickets


Many reptilian pets require live crickets in their diet and that means, not only caring for your pet, but also caring for the crickets to get the most out of their lifespan. To take care of your crickets you will need to keep their environment sanitary and feed them the correct diet to ensure longevity. With Top Hat Cricket Farms, you not only get the crickets you want, but all the information and instructions you need directly on our website as well.


Providing your live crickets with the proper diet is important for keeping them healthy. High protein foods foster growth in your crickets and can be easily achieved by using crushed dog food or corn meal. In addition to this, you can also use these nutritious food choices: potatoes, lettuce, apples, oranges, and pumpkin seeds. They can eat other foods as well, but the nutrients provided by these options will give them everything they need. Whether you are keeping them as pet food or as pets themselves, when you keep your crickets fed properly, you’ll increase their lifespan and overall health.

Cage Etiquette

A clean cage can also prolong the life of your crickets and minimize the odor from the messes they make. To keep the cage clean, simply wipe it weekly with a damp paper towel – no chemicals necessary. Another helpful tactic is to rinse out their watering device several times a week, to make sure it is free from contaminants and other growth that will create bacteria. Crickets also like having places to hide, an easy way to supply this for them is to place egg flats, paper towel tubes, or other cardboard pieces in the box to keep them happy.


If you properly take care of the live crickets you receive from Top Hat Cricket, they will typically live for about two weeks. This number will vary based on how small or young the crickets you order are, as well as how they are treated in your care. If they receive the proper maintenance they require, you can expect a little more life from them, sometimes up to three or four weeks.

Whether you’ve taken care of crickets before or not, Top Hat Cricket Farms has the knowledge and experience to inform on the best cricket care-taking etiquette. To learn more or order crickets, contact us today!

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