Care for Your Live Crickets the Proper Way

Live Crickets

If you have a pet that requires live crickets to feed, or you want to keep live crickets as a pet, you must make sure that you take care of them properly. Like any living thing, crickets create messes that must be cleaned up, as well as fed the right foods, and kept healthy. With Top Hat Cricket Farms, you can get the crickets you want and all the information you might need directly from us.

Feed them right

As with every living thing, the right diet is important for live crickets. Crickets do best when being fed potato, lettuce, apple, oranges, or pumpkin seeds. They can eat other foods as well, but the nutrients provided by the foods listed will give the everything they need to stay healthy for you. Whether for pet food or as pets, by keeping your crickets fed the right way, you’ll increase their lifespan and overall health.

Correct cleaning

A clean, healthy environment can also extend the life of your live crickets, as well as reduce the odor from their containment apparatus. No one likes a smelly cage, and by wiping down the inside of your cricket container with a damp paper towel and rinsing down their watering device several times a week, you can ensure it’s free from bad smells.

Average lifespan

After you receive your live crickets, we at Top Hat Cricket Farms, on average, say that they will last about two weeks-time if they are properly taken care of. This will vary based on how small/young the crickets you order are, as well as how they are treated while in your care. If they receive the proper maintenance they require, the timeline can sometimes be extended.

Whether you’ve taken care of crickets before or not, Top Hat Cricket Farms has the information and experience to help you best keep your live crickets going strong. To learn more or order crickets, contact us today!

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