Choose the Right Live Cricket with the Tropical House Cricket

Live Crickets

When you stop in at Top Hat Cricket Farm or order online to get yourself live crickets, you will see that we sell one specific type: the Gryllodes sigillatus. Also known as the tropical house cricket, the Gryllodes sigillatus is the best cricket on the market for you to purchase. Native most likely to the southwestern regions of Asia, the tropical house cricket is now widely accepted as the best live cricket for feeding amphibians and reptiles in your home.

Docile insects

One reason that the tropical house cricket is preferable to other species is that it is not aggressive towards animals or humans. Many other species that are available in the world come with at least some degree of aggressive behavior. With the tropical house cricket, you won’t have to worry about your pet or yourself getting bit when handling the cricket.

Easy to manage

The tropical house cricket is not only non-aggressive, but they are also easier to deal with in your home. These crickets have less odor versus other crickets, as well as produce less noise. They also have a longer lifespan than the acheta domesticus, the other option for live crickets.

Immunity where it matters

If you are someone who has bought live crickets throughout the years, then you know that the acheta densovirus devastated the acheta cricket population. With the Gryllodes sigillatus, you won’t have to worry about your crickets dying out on you. They are resistant to the AdDNV cricket virus, making them the ideal choice on the market for your amphibians and reptiles.

At Top Hat Crickets, you will get the highest quality live crickets on the market. With the ability to deliver live crickets anywhere throughout the United States, Top Hat Crickets strives to bring bulk crickets of all sizes wherever you need them.

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