Keep Your Frog Happy with Live Crickets

Live Crickets

If you have recently purchased an amphibian friend, you will need to start figuring out what to feed him, and live crickets are an excellent and easy choice. Frogs are typically happy to eat any live insect that is near them, and, at Top Hat Cricket Farm, we have all the live crickets your new pet could ever want. Our crickets are a healthy, long-lasting food source for your friends, so whether they want a meal now or a snack later, our crickets will keep going strong until your pet is ready.


Different sizes for different frogs

As you know, frogs come in a variety of sizes based on species, but also natural genes. Usually a frog will eat live insects based on their size relative to the frog’s body. At Top Hat Cricket Farm, we sell many different sizes of live crickets with measurements included, so you know exactly the kind to look for either in store or online. If your frog is a baby or already reaching his older years, we are sure to have the right size live crickets for you.


Live crickets delivered to you

Top Hat Cricket Farm can ship live crickets to you Monday through Thursday. Our shipped crickets will be alive and healthy for your frog friend, making the perfect meal upon arrival. If any issues happen to arise from your order, a loss can be reported within 48 hours of receiving your shipment and we at Top Hat Crickets Farm will do everything we can to fix the issue and get you all the live crickets you deserve. Packaging may vary on the season, but you will always get the same quality live crickets that you and your frog will be happy with.


Top Hat Cricket Farm specializes in supplying people the best live crickets in the Midwest, and large orders throughout the United States. With over 60 years of experience as a family-owned business, you will always get the service you deserve.

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