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Top Hat Cricket Farms is known for their great customer service and delivery of live crickets. Check out some of our customer reviews below, taken from Google, Facebook, and Yelp! With years to perfect our service, we are able to provide our clientele with premier crickets every time. Contact us today for your live feeder crickets!

Reviews and Testimonials

“This place........AMAZING!!! We found Top Hat crickets online last spring. We have 200 tarantulas of various sizes that we feed crickets. We live in a small town in central Washington state, our nearest local chain pet store is 20 minutes drive. The drive is not a big deal, but......we were buying at least 6 dozen various sized crickets weekly....mostly because by the time we arrived home at least 50% in each size were dead. We would take extra precautions to get home with the most live crickets we could, but still the loss was always huge. The covid hit, we were driving 60 - 90 minutes one direction to stand in line to be able to purchase a small limited amount (36) of crickets. We decided to try online....we ordered crickets from another was not a good experience, lots of dead crickets. Mind you this was spring so our temps were still mild. Finally, Top Hat Cricket Farm.....we have not looked elsewhere. We order a lot of crickets (well we think 1500 is a lot) at a time and IF there were any dead, its not been more than a dozen or so....AND outside temps were freezing or below.....remember...we live in Washington State, so the crickets travel quite a distance. You can not go wrong ordering from Top Hat, the crickets are healthy, lively and live a longgggg time. I don't think we have had any crickets die from anything other than being tarantula fodder.” – Mary (customer), Google Review

“I was impressed! Not one cricket was dead on arrival and I ordered 500! They are extremely healthy and lively crickets. I will be using Top Hat Crickets only from now on. Thank u” – Jamie, Google Review

“Hands down the coolest place I've ever been. The people that run the place are the most down to earth people I've ever met!” – Dan (local guide), Google Review

“During the quarantine, a lot of local pet shops closed down, and the ones that remained open were crowded and frequently out of crickets. I decided to look online. Because I only go through 30-40 crickets a week, I was nervous about buying 250 in one go. Since about 1/3 of the ones from pet shops die within a week, I figured most would go to waste. They shipped the following morning after placing my order, and, to my surprise, they all arrived alive. What's even more amazing is that 6 weeks later, when I finally ran out, I only found 2-3 dead, less than a 1% death rate considering I'm pretty sure there were actually more than 250 in the box when it arrived. Considering this, even with fairly steep shipping rates, it's still cheaper to order online than to buy in the pet store, and the crickets seem much healthier.” – John, Google Review

“Oh man I can’t say enough about these crickets! Incredible quality, wonderfully cared for, and HARDY!! They are quite the chirpers though so be prepared for some serenades haha They also breed readily and are perfect if you need super small pinheads for baby critters. My frogs, toads, lizards and chickens all go nuts over these!” – Donna, Facebook Review

“I love this cricket farm! Bob (the owner) is such a nice man. One of my friends, a science teacher, has been purchasing from here for many years.” – Linda, Yelp Review

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