Live Crickets Feed the Fall

Live Crickets

As we get into flu season and COVID cases rise once again, you can save a trip to the store to get live crickets by ordering directly from Top Hat Cricket Farms. At Top Hat Cricket Farms, we believe that each of our customers should be capable of getting the quality crickets they need for their pets when they need them. By visiting our site or giving us a call, you can set yourself up for an easy fall

Order sooner than later

Because of COVID having the chance to delay shipping dates, you are more likely to receive your live crickets this fall when you order ahead of schedule. This can ensure you that your crickets arrive on time for your pets, and, depending on how many you order, give you a good amount of live crickets to utilize as we make our way toward winter. If it’s a smaller order that you’re looking for, we can even ship live crickets to you in as few as two days! We want everyone to have access to the crickets they need for their pets, and the shipping offered by Top Hat Cricket Farms gives us the resources to do so.

Pet stores stock up

If you need larger wholesale orders for the fall season, Top Hat Crickets Farms has you covered! You can participate in our wholesale quote if your weekly orders meet or exceed 10,000 crickets per reoccurring weekly order. This can help pet stores maintain the stock they need to make it all the way through the season and into the future. If you get regular orders of crickets from your store, you can depend on the strong crickets from Top Hat Cricket Farm to keep your supply fully stocked.

Growing and delivering the best live crickets to anyone in need, Top Hat Cricket Farms can be your supplier this fall! Contact us or submit a request to get your order started today.

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