What You Should be Feeding Your Blue Tongue Skink

Blue Tongue Skink

Blue tongue skinks are a great option for anyone wanting a reptile as a pet. They are extremely social and even love being held and petted. It’s important to note that if you want more than one, they need to be females if housed together. They are omnivorous with 60% of their diet being plant matter. In this post we’ll talk about the blue tongue skink’s eating habits and how best to feed them.


Dark leafy vegetables are best for your skink – collard greens, kale, and red tipped lettuce – it’s important to avoid spinach and iceberg lettuce. Other veggies that are good for your reptile when washed and cut are green beans, squash, carrots, and broccoli. Make sure to remove any leftover veggies before going to bed at night.


Blue tongue skinks are big fans of fruit and fortunately, it’s really good for them. Feed your pet berries, apples, figs, and apples.


Crickets and mealworms are their favorite! Remember, almost half of their daily diet should consist of protein. Never feed your skink wild insects that you have caught. They’re likely to contain diseases. Instead, buy your crickets or mealworms from a reputable store. Make sure you’re feeding your skink the proper size prey. Crickets should not be larger than the distance between your lizard’s eyes. It’s important that you removed all bugs from the enclosure once your pet is done eating. If you don’t the ones left behind will bite your skink and cause injury. Because of this, some pet owners will actually feed their lizard in a separate container.

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