Go Big or Go Home with Bulk Live Cricket Delivery

Live Cricket Delivery

If you know that you are going to need crickets on a regular basis and would rather not deal with the hassle of ordering them every other week, then buying wholesale on your live cricket delivery is the right choice for you. With the quality live crickets offered by Top Hat Cricket Farms, you will find no better in the business for your live cricket wholesale orders.

An easy process

All we require from you to complete a wholesale request is to fill out the form provided on our website or reach out to us to set up your quote. Because we want to work with what is best for you, we offer payment due upon receipt of purchase, a net 15 option, or even a net 30 option. With the payment options available, we try to make sure that everyone who needs and wants live crickets can pay for them when they are able to.

Sized for you

Every time that you buy wholesale quantities of live crickets, you get to dictate the average cricket order per week, including their size and quantities that you require. We offer seven different sizes of crickets, so no matter what size your pet is that you need live feeder crickets for, you can get the perfect sized crickets for them.

Dependable deliver

As with all our live cricket deliver, when you by wholesale from Top Hat Cricket Farms, your crickets will be delivered safely, with care. Should any sort of issue arrive, we do everything in our power to fix the problem, whether that’s crediting you for future orders, or reshipment at no charge to you.

With over 50 years of experience in the live cricket delivery world, there’s no better place for feeder crickets than Top Hat Cricket Farms. If you find yourself in need of live crickets and want a reliable and efficient way to order them, contact us today.

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