High-Quality Live Crickets and Live Cricket Delivery from Top Hat Cricket Farm

live cricket delivery

If you have not had enough time in your busy schedule to shop for crickets, then the live cricket delivery service from Top Hat Cricket Farm is perfect for you. Are you having a hard time trying to find high-quality crickets? Look no further! At our facility, we ensure the crickets and worms are delivered alive and healthy, as well as packaged carefully to the correct amount of worms and crickets with our live cricket delivery.

Live Delivery Guarantee

We stand by our statement by ensuring the crickets and worms are alive and healthy. In situational conditions, such as cold weather, we may have to adjust shipping days. Aside from adjusting shipping due to cold weather, we always put our customers first by making sure you are satisfied and to fix any unfortunate problem that should arise. Depending on the situation, you could receive a credit on your account for future orders or a reshipment at no charge. Please report any problems within 48 hours of receiving your shipment.

Packaging Your Crickets and Worms

To guarantee safe shipping throughout the year, we package them your crickets and worms differently. In the warmer months, we ship using a vented box. Once the colder temperatures hit, we will use blind boxes. We will also add heat packs to protect your crickets and worms, and a sleeve box for when it is snowing. To help us determine our packing strategy, we look at both the overnight extreme low temperature and the next day’s high temperature. Winter packaging is taken into consideration when the overnight low is below 50 to 55 degrees and the next day’s high not over 55 to 60 degrees.

At Top Hat Crickets, we strive to provide the protection of your crickets and worms through our live cricket delivery. For more information about our cricket delivery, contact us today!

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