Top Hat Cricket Farm’s Live Cricket Delivery Information

Live Cricket Delivery

Live delivery guarantee

It is our mission to deliver crickets to your home or business that are not only alive, but also healthy. In the rare case you receive crickets that are dead or unhealthy, contact us. Depending on the circumstance, you could either receive a credit on your account for a future order or even reshipment free of charge. Please report any problems within 48 hours of receiving your crickets.

Regionally-based small orders

If you have small orders that are for individual use, we can typically ship within two days from Michigan throughout the Midwest, and even into parts of Kansas and some eastern or southern states. If it’s cold and you are in the outskirts of are delivery area, you may need to upgrade to overnight shipping to ensure your crickets remain alive for the journey.

Large orders throughout the United States

If you’re ordering in bulk, which we consider orders of more than 20,000, we can ship anywhere in the country with Southwest Air Cargo. Also, if you’re in Canada and are interested in receiving a bulk shipment, please contact us to learn more.

Safe shipping all year long

In warmer months, your live crickets are shipped using vented boxes and in the colder months, your live crickets are shipped using blind boxes. If it’s really cold, we add heat packs to the packaging to keep the crickets alive and healthy. If it’s snowing we will also add a sleeve box. We look at both the overnight extreme low temperature and the next day's high temperature to determine our packing strategy. Winter packaging is taken into consideration when the overnight low is below 50 to 55 degrees and the next day's high not over 55 to 60 degrees.

To read more about how we ship our live crickets, click here

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