Keep Your Pet Reptile Fed with Top Hat Cricket’s Live Delivery Guarantee

Live Crickets

One of the most difficult aspects of buying feeder crickets online is ensuring that your crickets arrive safe, alive and healthy. Top Hat Cricket takes every precaution possible to ensure that your crickets get to you intact and with minimal delays. Using a tried and tested shipping schedule, we limit the number of days that your crickets will be in transit, reducing the amount of “unknown” time between our facility and your home.

Our live delivery guarantee gives you peace of mind, especially during the colder months. If you live in – or near – an area of the country where the temperatures drop during winter, you can still shop confidently knowing that Top Hat will deliver crickets to you on time and without issue. By factoring in transit times, overnight temperatures and distance traveled, we determine a packing method and shipping date that will ensure the safety of your crickets during their travels.

In addition to shipping methods, we’re confident in our live cricket delivery guarantee because of the heartiness of the crickets that we offer. One of the major reasons that we chose to offer Gryllodes sigillatus over Acheta domesticus crickets is due to their inherent resistance to A. domesticus densovirus, or AdDNV. AdDNV is a virus that affects the major tissues of crickets. Once infected, the virus eventually paralyzes the crickets and causes their deaths. Because Gryllodes sigillatus is resistant to AdDNV, you can be confident that our crickets will arrive safe, healthy and ready for your pet.

At Top Hat Cricket, we want you to be confident in our cricket delivery. With over 60 years of experience in cricket breeding, sales and shipment, we’ve fine-tuned our processes and are sure of our ability to offer the best cricket delivery methods in the business. If you’ve been looking for a new supplier of insects for your reptile, insect or amphibian friend, contact us today to learn more about our live cricket delivery.

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