Quality Feeder Insects for Different Pets

Feeder Insects

At Top Hat Cricket Farm, Inc., we not only carry live feeder crickets for your house pets, but we also carry a few other options of feeder insects so your pet can get their favorite snack. Sometimes pets can be picky with what they eat, or a certain insect will be more appealing to them than another, so, we at Top Hat make sure we carry the essential feeder insects that can feed almost any pet that needs them for their food.

The cricket

Obviously, as our company’s name implies, the feeder crickets we carry are the star of our show. Coming in a large variety of sizes, Top Hat Cricket Farm’s crickets are the perfect snack for lizards, birds, spiders, and any other animal that finds enjoyment out of eating a moving, live insect. They may be bought in bundle orders as well to ensure that when you get food for your pet, you have enough to last at least a little while.

Squirmy supplements

In addition to the live crickets we sell, Top Hat Cricket Farms also carry a variety of worms that are a great source of vitamins and minerals for your pet. Worms can supplement the diet of a variety of exotic pets, from reptiles to hedgehogs! Just like our crickets, the worms we have available come in containers of different sizes with bulk counts of worms. So, no matter what kind of pet you have, they can get the balanced diet they need to stay healthy through ingestion of feeder insects.

With a long history of providing feeder insects for family’s and their pets, Top Hat Cricket Farms, Inc. can provide for you and yours as well. Delivering feeder insects year-round, contact us to see what we can provide for you and your pet today!

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