Pet Owners Find the Feed they Need, from Mealworms to Feeder Crickets

Feeder Crickets

From mealworms to feeder crickets, Top Hat Cricket Farm, Inc. has the feed that your pets need. Whether you are the proud owner of a reptile, amphibian, large insect, or any other critter that can happily digest mealworms and crickets, Top Hat has all the options you need. With an excellent history of customer services and quality crickets and worms, let Top Hat help you and your pet!

Make a meal hard or soft

Depending on what your animal can easily eat, and digest, often determines what type of diet they need with mealworms and feeder crickets. Our waxworms and hornworms provide a soft option for pets that make them easier to chew and digest, whereas our cricket options are a harder-bodied insect that provides a livelier feeding experience for your pet. Whatever your pet needs, Top Hat Cricket Farms will work with you to ensure that you get the perfect selection from the options that we provide. We have handled supplying meals for pet owners of all varieties and will help you find the best choice.

Worm and feeder cricket sizes

Our worms and feeder crickets not only provide variety of options for pets in terms of consistency and difficulty to digest, but our crickets also come in different sizes to help different sized pets find the meals they need. Younger pets may not be able to eat something that is too large, so we offer crickets that are as small as a pinhead to ones that have fully grown into adulthood, near 1 inch long. These varying sizes help animals to get the proper amount of nutrition they need while also allowing for easy ingestion and digestion.

Providing the best mealworms and feeder crickets at the best prices, Top Hat Cricket Farms brings the competitive products and services of a big-name store all from our family-owned business that gives the customer the attention and care they deserve. See the difference in our feeder insects by ordering today!

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