Keep Live Feeder Crickets Strong for Pets

Live Feeder Crickets

When ordering live feeder crickets for any pets you have that can have them as a nutritious meal, there are different ways you can take care of them to ensure your pet gets the most of the meal you pay for. Especially useful when buying in bulk, taking care of feeder crickets you order ensures you don’t waste money from any wasting away due to poor living conditions. With some of these tips from Top Hat Cricket Farm, you can improve the living condition of your feeder crickets and have a happy pet!

A clean home

When you have large amounts of crickets ordered from us at Top Hat Cricket Farm, you may need to get an enclosure for the crickets to live within so they stay healthy for as long as possible as you periodically give them to your pet. Any plastic or glass tank, fish tank or not, that has been cleaned out to remove bacteria, can make a great home for feeder crickets. Simply add torn-up egg crates to the tank and your live feeder crickets have a shelter!

Food and drink

Feeder crickets can feed off oatmeal, cornmeal, or cricket food as a stable food source typically without overeating. Water can be a little trickier. Because crickets are so small, they can very easily drown if you push in a dish of water, so, either a damp sponge or a piece of fruit can serve as a great alternative way to supply water without the danger of too-deep water involved. Keep replacing both these things regularly, and your crickets should stay healthier for longer for your pet!

Top Hat Cricket Farm is your dependable source for live feeder crickets and information about them! If you have a pet that needs live feeder crickets for a meal source, contact us today to see what options are available for them.

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