Farms Do Feeder Crickets Best

Feeder Crickets

Rather than buying feeder crickets at a pet store, Top Hat Cricket Farm can provide you with the healthy, large-scale sized orders that you need for your pet or yourself. Ordering with Top Hat Cricket Farm comes with the guarantee that ever cricket you receive will be of the quality you can expect from professional cricket farmers. We do right by every customer, and your order will be no exception.

Personal touch

Compared to a large corporation pet store that may sell feeder crickets, Top Hat Cricket Farm is a family owned and operated business that you can depend on every time you order. You’ll get the personal touch of a small business with the order potential and customer service or a large industry. We appreciate our customers and we strive to deliver satisfaction with every order, even when you’re a returning customer.

Reach us anywhere

Compared to an in-person store, Top Hat Cricket Farm can deliver crickets to wherever you need them, making feeder crickets never too out-of-reach. We provide the convenience of ordering that takes the hassle out of getting the crickets you need. Especially great for families with pets who live far away from even the closest pet store, Top Hat Cricket Farm brings what you need directly to you.

The best price

When it comes to quality for what you pay, you’ll find no better than Top Hat Cricket Farm. We keep our prices competitive thanks to not having to cover overhead costs that pet stores do. And, thanks to our practice of replacing or reordering crickets for you that don’t make the journey, you get taken care of in a way others aren’t willing to do.

 Operating since the early 1950s, Top Hat Cricket Farm has grown into the best feeder cricket farm in the business. When you need live crickets for yourself or a pet, contact Top Hat Cricket Farm and get the service you deserve.

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