Clean Environments Promote Healthy Feeder Crickets

Feeder Crickets

As with every living thing, cleanliness can improve the quality of life and length of life for your feeder crickets. Top Hat Cricket Farms makes sure that our feeder crickets are given a quality environment that is kept in pristine condition so that the crickets you receive are only of the highest grade. No matter the time of year or the size/age of crickets you order, they’ll be the best every time when you order from Top Hat Cricket Farms.

Ensured protocol

Every employee and visitor must adhere by our bio-security protocol to make sure that when people enter our crickets’ space, they do so in a way that will not harm any of the crickets we have available. Visitors must even fill out a questionnaire and set up an appointment so that we can make sure the space is best taken care of, and all our feeder crickets are at their healthiest when they leave our facilities.  

Routine cleanliness

Our facilities adhere to a strict regimen of cleanliness when working with crickets and their areas. All the items that come into contact with our crickets, such as their water bowls, are either brand new, or sanitized between each cycle of cleaning. This process, as well as replacement of food and daily interaction with our crickets, helps us to guarantee you the best crickets every time you order them.

Always get your crickets

Our goal is to always deliver live crickets that are healthy, but, obviously, sometimes circumstances beyond our control may cause crickets to arrive in an unsatisfactory condition. Because of this, depending on the situation, we may credit your account for future orders or reship at no charge in some cases if the issues are reported within 48 hours of receiving your shipment.

As a family owned business, Top Hat Cricket Farms deliver to you the service of a small business with the quality and quantity of a large-scale operation. Committed to providing the best product and service, you can count on Top Hat Cricket Farms.

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