Feeder Crickets Lead the Future of Food

Feeder Crickets

With all the worry about the environment and emissions from farm animals reaching all-time highs, feeder crickets are the solution that could stabilize the environment. Feeder crickets from Top Hat Cricket Farm are easy to handle and practically take care of themselves, which makes farming and care a breeze compared to traditional farm animals. If you need quality feeder crickets that provide you the nutritional benefits that other sources normally would, then Top Hat Cricket farm has what you need.

The best alternative

With so few recorded edible insect species in the United States, the gryllodes sigillatus, or tropical house cricket that we sell is a great alternative to protein from the usual sources. Resistant to the AdDNV cricket virus that wiped out so many other species, the tropical house cricket can be farmed in massive quantities safely with little worry. With a less chitinous shell, the tropical house cricket is also easier to digest. Whether its fresh, or ground into a food less resembling an insect, the feeder crickets provided by Top Hat Cricket Farm are an easily accessible, great source of protein.

Less resources used

Not only do the feeder crickets from Top Hat Cricket Farm provide you with a great alternative to traditional protein sources, but they also require less resources to maintain as well. Requiring less food, land, and water than other sources, crickets also have some of the highest nutrition levels in them in the realm of proteins. Mostly tasteless, ground-up crickets can be added to almost anything, so you can personally use less resources as well preparing them in your food.

With almost 20 years of experience in the feeder cricket industry, Top Hat Cricket Farm has the live crickets that you need. With shipping options available for all our crickets, you can depend on Top Hat Cricket Farm to get you your crickets where you need them, when you need them.

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