Give Your Bird Variety with More Than Feeder Crickets

feeder crickets

If you have a pet bird that you have been giving our feeder crickets to, then we are more than happy to offer even more options for your avian friend to snack on. Although we at Top Hat Cricket Farm specialize with live, frozen, and bulk crickets, they aren’t the only thing that we have available. Next time you stop in or order online, give your bird a special snack with our different worms.

Find your pet’s favorite

To make sure that every pet has options and can find their favorite worm, we offer four different kinds of live worms. With mealworms, hornworms, superworms, and wax worms, your pet bird has a variety of worms to choose from. They all vary in size, how lively they act, and how soft their outer body is, so your pet has a perfect selection to figure out which they enjoy the most.

Healthy eating

Like our live feeder crickets, our worms are a great source of nutrients for your pet bird. Worms are high in protein, calcium, potassium, and fat, so your birds get a lot of benefit out of each worm they consume. Every worm that we offer is also easy to digest, so your bird can enjoy their special snack without any difficulty.

Order what you need

Every worm comes with different options in the quantity you may order, so depending you your need, you can order a small batch to try out a new worm for your bird or order a bulk size if it’s their favorite one. With reasonable prices and a lively product, you and your bird will both be happy you chose to get worms from Top Hat Cricket Farm.

With many years of experience in the feeder insect market, Top Hat Cricket Farm has grown in to a name that you can count on. All our insects are well-maintained and will live up to your standards no matter what their use.

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