It Just Isn't Cricket (Feeder Crickets, That is)

Feeder Crickets

We like that phrase. Brits have a way of saying things, and it would be great if a few of them would catch on here. “It Just Isn’t Cricket.” Even though you usually hear it expressed in the negative, it’s actually a very positive thing. When something is wrong and elicits a complaint, they will say it “isn’t cricket.” If what’s wrong isn’t cricket, that means that when something is right, something is good, even something is virtuous … it IS “cricket.” 

Cricket = Good!

At Top Hat Cricket Farms, we’ve been “cricket” for 60 years. 

If you’ve been using feeder crickets for some time, you’ll appreciate the quality of our crickets, our low prices, and the unequalled convenience of shopping on line. No more running to the pet store, hoping they’ve got crickets, the right size, and healthy. Top Hat Cricket Farm always has the right size, the right amount, and a lower price.  (See “Four Advantages…“ posted May 4.)

Beyond great crickets, what makes us “cricket” is the knowledge we share with you. If you’re new to feeding crickets, you’ll appreciate our website, where you’ll find helpful articles about species of crickets, how to feed your pet, how to care for your crickets, and other surprising information. There is a “Guide to Feeding Crickets,” posted November 7 last year under “What’s New.” You’ll find very interesting videos under the “About” tab. Then, come back to “What’s New” and read the post from December 12. Go ahead, read it now, we’ll wait …

Did you find that interesting? Maybe you and your reptile could share a nice, candle lit dinner together some time. Now … that’s really NOT Cricket!  

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