Get the Best Meals for Pets with a Live Feeder Cricket Company

Live Feeder Cricket

What we feed our pets is important to us as their owners, and you can ensure that your pet gets the best crickets for their meals with Top Hat Cricket Farm, Inc., the premier live feeder cricket company. We have years of experience in the business of providing quality crickets to those in need. So, if you are a pet owner who wants to give your animal the best live feeder crickets available, you can count on us to provide you with everything you need.

We know crickets

Having worked in the cricket industry for so long, we know the best crickets to provide as live feeder crickets and the care that needs to happen to keep them strong for your pet. Even after the acheta densovirus killed all of our crickets in 2010, we worked tirelessly to find another great option for our customers to count on for their live cricket needs. Now growing and selling the tropical house cricket, a great replacement for feeding purposes, Top Hat Cricket Farms, Inc. provides the care and attention to our crickets so that they are always ready to be shipped wherever you need.

Buy any size

Because Top Hat Cricket Farms takes care of our live feeder crickets well, it means you can get crickets of any size. Whether you need full-grown, large sized crickets or pinhead crickets for small pet feeding needs, Top Hat Cricket Farm has the crickets to help. We know that pets require different sized meals depending on their age or what kind of animal they are, so we make sure to carry crickets of all ages/sizes to ensure everyone gets the crickets they need.

Working hard to guarantee your pets get the live feeder crickets they need, Top Hat Cricket Farm can be your best source for crickets whenever you need them. Contact us soon for your cricket needs.

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