Benefits of Tropical House Crickets at Top Hat Cricket Farm

Feeder Cricket

Top Hat Cricket Farm breeds and sells the tropical house cricket, known by its scientific name Gryllodes sigillatus. The tropical house cricket usually grows to be between 13 and 18 mm long and take about three months to mature from egg to adult. The Gryllodes sigillatus lives in the tropically regions of Asia. Through mimicking their natural habitat, we have been able to grow and provide you with healthy tropical house crickets. In this post, we will look at the benefits of feeding your reptile, or other cricket loving pet, tropical house crickets.

Easy to digest

Our crickets have less chitin, which means that all sizes are easily digestible. This helps greatly with the health and safety of your pet reptile.  

AdDNV resistant

A fairly common virus that infects crickets, Acheta domestica Densovirus (AdDNV) causes paralysis in crickets. If a cricket becomes infected, there is really nothing that can be done. That cricket will die. Our tropical house crickets are one of the few crickets that is completely resistant to the virus.

Long lifespan

As far as feeder crickets go, the tropical house cricket lives the longest. This is great for pet owners who like to buy in bulk. It saves money and means you will always have food available for your beloved pet reptile.

At Top Hat Cricket Farm, we did a lot of research and put a tremendous amount of thought into what crickets we feel would be best to grow and sell. The tropical house cricket offered the most pros and the least cons of any other feeder cricket. If you have been looking for a trusted and experienced cricket farm with the best available crickets, do not hesitate to contact us or place an 

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