Treat Your Bearded Dragon to Meals of Live Feeder Crickets

Live Feeder Crickets

Pet owners are always looking for the best ways to take care of their pets, and, if you have a bearded dragon, you can treat it to meals of live feeder crickets with Top Hat Cricket Farm. With plenty of crickets available and staff always on hand to assist you with information, Top Hat Cricket Farm is the best source of crickets you can hope for.

Food and fun

When there are options for bearded dragons, you may be wondering, why crickets? Although bearded dragons, like other lizards, are not afraid to eat almost anything you put in front of them, they can burn energy while enjoying their meal by chasing live crickets. Compared to simple fruit in a bowl or slow-moving worms, crickets can take a little more work for them to catch, giving them an activity on top of a meal.

The right sizes

Top Hat Cricket Farms carries live feeder crickets of a variety of sizes, so you can feed them to your bearded dragon no matter how old the dragon is. When your bearded dragon is just a hatchling, we recommend giving them our smaller, pinhead-sized crickets. This ensures no complications with consumption and digestion for a smaller bearded dragon, so they can enjoy their meal with ease. As they get older, you can increase in size, keeping their diets at the appropriate amount for their needs.

All you need

With the bulk count options provided by Top Hat Cricket Farms, you can order all the live feeder crickets you need for your bearded dragon, whenever they need them. Each size of cricket has these options available, so your dragons can get all the crickets they need no matter how large they get.

With a long history providing live feeder crickets to customer satisfaction, Top Hat Cricket Farms is the best place for you to provide for your bearded dragon. To learn more about our crickets, buying bulk, shipping, and more, contact us today!

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