Can You Order Live Crickets Online in the Winter?

Live Cricket Delivery

We hear the question often... “Is it possible to ship live crickets in the winter?” The answer, in our case, is a resounding yes! We know that your pet’s appetite doesn’t diminish just because it’s cold outside. That’s why, regardless of the season, Top Hat Cricket is able to deliver live crickets for reptiles, insects and amphibians.

Since we sell Gryllodes sigillatus – otherwise known as the tropical house cricket – we’re confident in our ability to promise live cricket delivery. The tropical house cricket is known to be heartier and more resistant to disease than other species and, as a result, able to survive difficult shipping journeys when additional precautions are taken.

Additional packaging precautions

Depending on the outdoor temperatures, we may package your bulk crickets differently. While we can get away with using a vented box in the summer months, winter months require blind boxes. Additionally, if the temperature calls for it, we can add heat packs and sleeve boxes to provide even more protection from the cold.

Live delivery guarantee

Because of the measures that we take, we provide all of our customers with a live delivery guarantee. Whether you’re having crickets delivered in a vented box or a sleeved blind box… whether we’re using two-day or overnight shipping… our guarantee remains the same: your crickets will arrive alive and healthy. If they don’t, we’ll credit your account or issue a reshipment at no charge.

At Top Hat Cricket, we aim to provide the best bulk cricket delivery in the business. By selling a hearty species, utilizing several packaging strategies and multiple shipping methods, our customers can shop confidently knowing that their pet reptile won’t go hungry during the winter months. If you’re concerned about ordering crickets online this winter, contact us today and let us convince you that we can deliver!

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