Feed your Spider live Feeder Crickets


If you want to give your pet spider the proper feeder crickets it deserves, there’s no better in the business to supply you then Top Hat Cricket Farm. With years of experience selling feeder crickets to a variety of customers for different purposes, Top Hat Cricket Farm has established itself as a national brand that can be trusted. If you’re like us, you only want the best for your pets, and with Top Hat Cricket Farms, your pet spider will get just that.

Why spiders love crickets

Crickets make a great meal for arachnids because they can easily be gut-loaded before being fed to your pet. Gut loading makes sure your spider is well fed, as it will gain the nutrients that it needs through ingesting the cricket. There are many different commercial cricket foods available, and we at Top Hat Cricket Farm can recommend which ones will benefit you the most for the price you pay.

Easily managed feeding

One great part of having a spider as a pet is you never have to worry about over-feeding it with feeder crickets. Spiders will eat to their own needs to maintain a healthy diet, and you can even remove food from their cage after it is still there the following day. Some breeds of tarantula are even capable of surviving without a meal for months at a time! If you know the individual needs of your pet spider, they’ll be pleased you took the time to get them the amount of food they need, when they need it.

The Top Hat guarantee

If you order live crickets from us that are getting shipped anywhere in the continental United States, then you can be sure that you get what you were promised no matter what thanks to our guarantee. If any problems arise when shipping, we guarantee to either give you a credit on future shipments or reship your order at no charge to you. If you report the problem encountered, we’ve got your back.

With some of the best bulk options for live feeder crickets, Top Hat Cricket Farm makes sure that anyone who needs crickets gets them in a timely fashion and in great condition.


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