Buy Crickets Online Before Going on the Last Trips of Summer

Buy Crickets Online

As summer starts to wind down and we reach some of the last times to go out on trips, you can take advantage of Top Hat Cricket Farm’s offer to buy crickets online to keep pets fed well while you’re gone. There are still plenty of opportunities to enjoy the tail end of summer with fun trips to the outdoors where the steady levels of COVID won’t be a concern, and you can supply the caretaker of your pet while you’re gone with plenty of live feeder crickets to stay on feeding schedules.

Top Hat guarantee

When you leave for a fun trip, Top Hat Cricket Farm wants you to be reassured that your crickets are all in healthy condition for your pet. We carry the tropical house cricket, which is not affected by the acheta densovirus, so your crickets come virus-free, alive, and healthy. This means that when you buy in bulk, you can depend on most, if not all of your crickets to survive the time you are away as long as they are taken care of well enough between feeding sessions for your pet.

Buy crickets online for every pet

No matter what type of pet you have that can eat crickets and no matter how big that pet may be, Top Hat Cricket Farm carries a selection of sizes for you to choose from when you buy crickets online. From crickets the size of a pinhead to fully-grown adults, Top Hat Cricket Farm can supply you with the necessary size of crickets to ensure that your pet gets the proper nutrition it needs while you’re gone without being too big to cause digestion problems.

Growing and delivering crickets to you when you need them, Top Hat Cricket Farms can be your dependable provider of live feeder crickets as you take your last trips for the summer. Contact us today or get started on your order!

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