Buy Crickets Online for the Best Benefits

Buy Crickets Online

With shutdowns being extended and everyone needing to stay inside for longer, we at Top Hat Cricket Farm would like to share with you the benefits you receive when you buy crickets online. Rather than going out to your pet store during this time, you can order online with us to get the crickets you need, where you need them.

Spend Less

With low, competitive pricing, Top Hat Cricket Farm offers some of the best prices for you to buy crickets online. We pride ourselves in our ability to give our customers some of the best value for their money, and whatever size order, when you shop with Top Hat Cricket Farm, you’re getting the best.

Our guarantee

Because Top Hat Cricket Farm understands that issues may arise for your crickets by the time they arrive, we offer a 48 hour credit to your account or reshipment with no charge in certain cases. We want our customers to have peace of mind when ordering from us that they’re working with a company who understands their needs. Unlike a big box store, Top Hat Cricket Farm builds a relationship with our customers, always looking out for their needs.

Wholesale sizes

With shutdowns for the foreseeable future from virus concerns, you can even buy wholesale quantities of crickets to last your pet through this period of social distancing! As long as you take care of crickets according to our recommendations, you can maintain a large quantity for your pet’s diet so they aren’t ever wanting for food during this time.

With plenty of experience and a long track record of success, Top Hate Cricket Farm encourages you to buy crickets online with us for the best live feeder cricket experience. During these times, we’re all figuring out how to pace our supplies until shutdowns are done, but, with Top Hat Cricket Farm, your pet can get all the food they need.

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