Buy Crickets Online this Winter for Pet Store Needs

Buy Crickets Online

As pets are being bought for the holidays on top of the usual pet sales, your store may need to buy crickets online at a higher rate than before. Because demand for pets who feed on crickets is going to be up during the winter months, you can follow this trend by upping your intake of feeder crickets to offer to new and existing pet owners with wholesale provided by Top Hat Cricket Farm.

Keep residents full

Until your pet stock has sold for the season, you can count on Top Hat Cricket Farm to provide the live feeder crickets you need. By listing the size and quantity that you need for your store, you can have the exact amount of feeder crickets that you think is necessary. The order sizes are done by an average per week, so you can get the crickets your store requires week-to-week, ordered straight to you with no hassle.

Inform customers

When giving the proper care instructions to anyone getting a chameleon, spider, frog, or any other animal that eats live feeder crickets, you can inform them of Top Hat Cricket Farm as the easy way to buy crickets online and get them shipped straight to a home. The proper information is important to give to anyone getting a pet so the animal can lead a happy, healthy life, and even if it’s a present for someone else, they can benefit from getting the best knowledge about feeder crickets.

Extra options

For certain pets that can ingest them, Top Hat Cricket Farm also has different worms available for sale as well. We make sure that most household pets who consume live food can get the nutrition that they need in an easy-to-order process.

Top Hat Cricket Farm has the stock this winter for any pet store to buy crickets online for their unsold animals. With a simple process and caring staff, we can help you get the live feeder crickets you need with minimal difficulties.

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