Buy Crickets Online all Winter Long

Buy Crickets Online

As the temperature drops what seems like more and more each day, you might be wondering where you can buy crickets online, and the answer is Top Hat Cricket Farm. Crickets normally can’t survive the cold of winter depending on where you’re at, but, with live cricket delivery options offered by Top Hat Cricket Farms, you can get as many crickets as you need for you and your pet this holiday season.

Same order sizes

Don’t let winter make you think that you must order any more crickets than usual. With Top Hat Cricket Farms, you can order regionally throughout the Midwest with two-day shipping. For any larger orders requested throughout the United States, we can ship anywhere in the country. With a simple phone call, we can even work through the details of shipping to clients in Canada!

Crickets kept safe

You may worry about how crickets handle shipping, but when Top Hat is on the case, you have nothing to be concerned with. As temperatures get colder, we start using blind boxes to give some extra insulation to our crickets. As it continues to get more and more frigid, we add heat packs, then a sleeve box to make sure our crickets make the trip. We also make sure to ship your package on the warmest night of the week to do everything possible, so you can get your crickets delivered safely.

Our guarantee

If you aren’t satisfied with your order or any problems arise when you buy crickets online, Top Hat Cricket Farm will do everything in our power to work through it with you. Whether it’s a credit to your account or a reshipment at no charge, if it’s reported within 48 hours, we’ll do what works best for you, so you can get your shipment.

Working since 1989, Top Hat Cricket Farm is the best place to buy crickets online. With our different sizes of crickets and shipping guarantees, you know that when you order from us, you’ll get the best experience possible.

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