Crickets Are More Nutritious Than You May Think

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It may surprise you to know that crickets have been a dietary staple in many countries for a long time. What may surprise you even more is that Americans, particularly those who are health conscious, have begun incorporating crickets into their diets. Moreso than the average Joe, body builders and other athletes have been turning to crickets for a low fat, high protein substitute for meats and fish. However, one does not need to be a bodybuilder or athlete to enjoy the health benefits crickets have to offer.

So, what makes eating crickets an attractive idea to health conscious people? Well, in general, crickets and other insects have a lot of nutritional value – even more than red meat, fish, or poultry. A main part of the reason crickets are great for body builders is the fact that they have more than twice the protein of beef. Besides there being more protein, the type of protein is more healthful, containing all nine essential amino acids. Besides protein, crickets also contain nearly five times as much magnesium as beef which is essential to heart health. Perhaps most surprising is the fact that there is three times as much iron as beef along with a large amount of fiber, calcium, and B12 (which is great for energy).

At Top Hat Cricket Farm, we know that beyond the nutritional benefits, people also appreciate the fact that cricket farming is much more environmentally responsible than livestock farming considering there is less waste with less space and resources being used. If you think you would like to incorporate crickets into your diet, view a past blog where we share cricket recipes and buy crickets online from Top Hat. 

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