Four Reasons You Should Buy Your Crickets Online Instead of at the Pet Store

Buy Crickets Online

More and more of our shopping is done online. Why worry about gassing up the car when you can sit barefoot in your home and click a few buttons instead? There are many reasons why online shopping in general is great, but in this post we will explore four reasons why buying your crickets online from Top Hat Cricket Farm is a much better alternative to buying them at the pet store.

1. They’re less expensive

We keep our prices low and competitive. We want to be sure our customers are getting the absolute best value for their money. Don’t forget time is money and there is no doubt buying online will save you time and effort.

2. They’re guaranteed to be alive and healthy

It doesn’t happen very often, but sometimes unfortunate problems arise and some of your crickets may not be chirping. If that’s the case, you can let us know within 48 hours of receiving your shipment and we will give you a credit on your account or a reshipment and no charge in some cases.

3. Shopping online is convenient

What’s more convenient than sitting on your couch or at your computer desk and ordering products online? It sure beats driving to the store and picking through a box of crickets. We even have same-day shipping options.

4. You can purchase wholesale quantities

If you’re in need of more than 3,000 crickets we offer wholesale pricing. All you have to do is go on our website and request a quote and we will get back with you right away.

At Top Hat Cricket Farm, we’ve been breeding and selling crickets since the 1950s. We know what we’re doing and would love to assist you with all of your cricket needs. If you’re in need of healthy, quality crickets, order online today!

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