Bearded Dragon Diet: What You Need to Know

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A bearded dragon’s diet is very important to their overall livelihood. A proper diet will help to stabilize their mood, enhance their coloring, and even increase their lifespan. Choosing the right diet for your bearded dragon isn’t always easy, especially for those who are new to the species. In this post we will look at some dietary recommendations for your bearded dragon.

It’s important to know that unlike many other pets, bearded dragons require a wide range of foods in their diet. They’re omnivores and will eat anything from collard greens to crickets and hornworms. Bearded dragons are at their healthiest when they are fed all different kinds of foods. It’s crucial to note that all insects fed to your bearded dragon should be from a reputable seller. Wild insects often carry disease or parasites.

When dragons are in their adolescence, their diet should consist of a lot of protein – the ratio should be about 70% crickets and 30% fruit and veggies. You may find that your dragon is not interested in anything other than crickets. If that’s the case try and feed them three times a day and remove any uneaten crickets after about 10 minutes. After your dragon becomes a year old, their diet will flip to their primary food being fruits and veggies.

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