What is Cricket Flour and How Can it Be Used?

Cricket Flour

Cricket flour is produced by milling whole crickets to create a fine powder, as a result, it offers a range of nutritional benefits, as it is high in nutrients, amino acids and protein. Most commonly used for baking, cricket flour can be mixed with other gluten-free flours to create delicious, highly flavorful baked goods. Top Hat Cricket Farm, now offering bulk frozen crickets, is excited to share several dishes – including a few non-baked goods – that are sure to whet your appetite.

Cricket brownies

A delicious substitute for traditional brownies, chocolate cricket brownies can be made by replacing half of your recipe’s flour content with cricket flour. The result is a gooey, chocolatey brownie that offers a healthier, more nutritional take on traditional recipes.

Cricket smoothies

If you’re a regular smoothie drinker, you’re undoubtedly aware of the health benefits of drinking your fruits and vegetables. Well, with cricket flour you can amp up the nutrients in your drink. Simply add two tablespoons of the flour to your normal smoothie recipe and – bam! – you’re getting an additional shot of protein and amino acids.

Cricket flour-breaded chicken

Baked chicken is an easy, healthy meal. To make it even more so, add a quarter cup of cricket flour to one cup of Parmesan cheese and breadcrumbs. Use this mixture to evenly coat your chicken, bake as usual and enjoy a fast, simple and nutritious meal.

At Top Hat Cricket, we love what we do. Having met the needs of the pet industry for years, we’re jumping on the cricket consumption trend. With clean, healthy bulk crickets for sale in our shop, we’re the best place to buy crickets online. If you’ve been thinking about making a meal out of crickets, whether out of curiosity or for the health benefits, be sure to check out our store!

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