How to Care for Your Rose Hair Tarantula

Rose Hair Tarantula

So you decided to buy a pet tarantula, congratulations! Not only are tarantulas a beautiful species, they are fascinating creatures. Their lightning fast reflexes, their hunting habits and – surprisingly – their calm demeanor make them an entertaining and rewarding pet. But, with such a unique pet comes a unique set of needs. In this post, we’re going to discuss the best ways to ensure the health and happiness of your pet tarantula.

1. Your tarantula’s home

First, and most importantly: never put two tarantulas in the same tank. Tarantulas are cannibalistic and will eat each other. Aside from that, make sure that your tank closes securely, as tarantulas are renowned for their ability to effect daring escapes!

2. Cleaning up after your tarantula

While tarantulas aren’t messy, cleaning their home is essential. Typically, it is recommended that you remove debris, wash the tank and replace its substrate every four to six months.

3. Handling your tarantula

Always use caution when handling your tarantula! The best way to do this is by picking it up between its second and third pair of legs. Next, place it on your palm and move slowly: quick, jerky movements are likely to panic your pet and elicit an aggressive response.

4. Making sure your tarantula is comfortable

Kitting out your tarantula’s home goes a long way towards ensuring its happiness. Use sterilized potting soil and one to three inches of substrate for maximum comfort. Additionally, your pet needs a shallow water dish and a safe place to hide.

5. Your tarantula’s food and diet

Crickets are the most common food for tarantulas. At Top Hat Cricket, we offer only the highest quality bulk crickets for sale. We want pet owners to be confident that they are feeding their beloved pets the safest and most nutritional crickets on the market. If you’re the proud new owner of a rose hair tarantula, contact us today to discuss your pet’s needs!

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