Mealworms Are a Great Source of Nutrients for Your Reptile

Bulk Crickets and Worms

Mealworms, a beetle larva, are extremely high in protein and a great food staple for your pet lizard. Mealworms begin as eggs that hatch into very small worms. These little worms eat non-stop until they get too big for their exoskeletons, which are shed. For a few days the mealworm is “naked” and creamy white – waiting for its new exoskeleton. This process can happen up to twenty times as the mealworm is growing! Once the worm grows to just under an inch it will go into the pupal phase waiting to become a beetle. 

In order to keep the mealworms healthy and alive, you have to feed them. A good food option is grain cereal or dry oatmeal. They also need water, but will drown in any sort of water dish, to remedy this put water-packed slices of fruit or vegetables in with your worms. Not only do the fruits and veggies hydrate your mealworms, they make them more nutritious, as well.

Like feeder crickets, your mealworms should be dusted with calcium and other mineral and vitamin supplements specific to your reptile before feeding. Besides just coating your mealworms with nutrients, you can also feed your pet other feeder insects like crickets, wax worms, or hornworms.

There is a slight risk to be aware of when feeding your reptile mealworms or crickets. Because of their exoskeleton, your lizard’s digestive track can be blocked – this is called impaction. While it’s serious if not treated right away, it is fortunately, extremely rare. The best defense is knowing your lizard’s habits and behavior – especially noticing if their eating or waste expelling habits change.

At Top Hat Cricket Farm, we offer an array of sizes and varieties of nutritious bulk crickets and worms available for your cold-blooded creatures. We have been in the feeder insect business for over sixty years, so we know what we’re talking about. Order online or call us today with any questions, we look forward to hearing from you!

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