Why You Should Use Banded Feeder Crickets for Pet Food

Feeder Crickets for Pet Food

Whether you have a spider, lizard, amphibian, or another pet that would appreciate feeder crickets for pet food, Top Hat Cricket Farms can provide banded crickets that they’re sure to love. Able to deliver year-round, Top Hat Cricket Farms’ banded feeder crickets provide your pets with nutrition, entertainment, with less of a hassle for you.

Ease for pets

The gryllodes sigillatus that we sell, also known as the tropical house cricket, is a banded feeder cricket, which means it’s a type of cricket that is more easily digestible for your pets due to the lower amount of chitin they have on their exoskeleton. So, if your type of pet has a particular issue with digestion or is getting on in years and needs something simpler to eat, the tropical house cricket we provide the perfect feeding option.

An active choice

Compared to other options of crickets available, the banded crickets Top Hat Cricket Farms provide are more active, meaning your pet can enjoy the feeding process more. More active crickets mean more motion and excitement for your frog, spider, or any other pet that thrives on movement with their prey.

Better management

When you get feeder crickets for pet food, you want ones that you can depend on. Banded crickets have a longer lifespan than other options of feeder crickets and can tolerate a wider range of temperatures and humidity conditions, meaning your purchases go further for you. With proper ventilation, water, and simple food provided, your feeder crickets will stay healthy for the duration you need them for your pet.

Top Hat Cricket Farms has been providing live feeder crickets for pet food for over 60 years. With a well-developed system of raising crickets and trusted delivery, call today and see what we can do for you!

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