How to Care for Your Gryllodes sigillatus Crickets (Banded Crickets)


To get the most out of your investment in live crickets, you’ll need to make sure to give them the same attention and care that you give to the pet you’ll be feeding them to. Because, after all, the healthier your live crickets are, the more nutritious they will be for your pet. Plus, the better you care for them, the longer they will last and the more you’ll get from the money you spent on them.

The best container for live crickets is something made from plastic. While glass aquariums are okay, we do not recommend them because of glass’s poor heat conductivity. Glass stays cold to the touch, which can become a problem for smaller crickets’ survival. Make sure to get a container that has enough space for the crickets to move around as overcrowding is one of the most common cause of cricket death. You can keep the packaging materials they are sent with/on in your container for more places that the crickets can crawl.

Our live crickets will do best in room temperature (approximately 70 degrees Fahrenheit), so there is no need for special heat lamp lighting or cooling devices. However, if you keep your home much colder in the summer or winter, make sure to account for that and keep your crickets in a warmer environment.

Feeding crickets is fairly easy; simply leave small chunks of potato, lettuce, apple, orange, or pumpkin seeds for them to nibble on. The most important thing is to make sure that your crickets always have access to fresh water (which should be a no brainer for anyone who already has a pet!). For large crickets, you can use a shallow dish in the box for water supply. However, small crickets can easily drown, so instead, keep a couple of wet sponges in the container. Make sure that you clean out whatever watering device you are using several times a week.

A clean environment, too, will promote longer life. It should be routine for you to wipe down the inside of your cricket container with a clean damp paper towel. You should also frequently clean all of your cricket care supplies with a mild bleach solution, soaking for five minutes and then rinsing with fresh water. To be extra sure that the bleaching solution is gone (removing the harm to your crickets), rinse the equipment for much longer than you would think to.

Make sure to keep all insecticides and anything that may give off fumes far away from your live crickets—do not even use them in the same room as it may wipe out your cricket population.

At Top Hat Crickets we sell large quantities of live Gryllodes sigillatus, ranging between quantities of 250 upwards to thousands for your pet or pet store needs. We recommend ordering enough for a two week supply as they will likely last for that long after you receive them. However, once you get more experience with caring for them, you may see that you can make them live longer than that.

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