Several Crickets

Live Cricket Species

At Top Hat Cricket Farm, we grow and sell the Gryllodes Sigillatus.

Just about every reptile enjoys live crickets. Crickets are a great protein source for their diets and are full of natural appeal. Crickets have a lifespan of about 8 to 10 weeks.

Also known as the tropical house cricket or the banded cricket, we sell this species because of the many pros and because it is very resilient to the AdDNV cricket virus that has wiped out our supply and growth in the past. By selling the Gryllodes Sigillatus species, we can ensure that you always receive crickets that are both alive and healthy.


  • not aggressive toward animals or humans
  • all sizes very digestible (less chitin)
  • more active, making a lively feeding experience for animals
  • resistant to AdDNV cricket virus
  • hearty, lives well (longer lifespan than Acheta)
  • less odor vs. other cricket
  • less noise vs. other crickets


  • adults not quite as large as adults of other species
Gryllodes Sigillatus Cricket